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.About Me
Hi, my name is Jessica and this is my home for my fanfiction, music videos and artwork. I made this community to seperate my fandom work from my personal posts - but I'm always up for a new friend, so if you want to get to know me, friend me and leave me a comment over there so I can friend you back.

I'm 17 years old and I'm Australian. There isn't much to know about me other than I love fandom, and video editing is a huge hobby of mine. I'd like to get a job in that line of work one day, so here's hoping! I try to be friendly, but you should know I have a mean temper, so watch out. ;) I don't bite too hard though.

.About The Community
All fanfiction written during and after 2007 is now public, so there's no need to join for my fic. All music videos are private, so feel free to join to see them. :)

With my fanfiction, I generally write pairings and characters that I like, which isn't always what other people like. I write mostly 'cult' or 'rare' ships, it is rare you will see a canon pairing portrayed in a fanfiction here. Constructive criticism is welcome, but if you're rude or you bash something you don't like that I've written, I'm not afraid to ban you.

My music videos are another story entirely. I'm much more mixed in my fandoms than I am with fanfiction, and while I do make alot of 'cult' and 'rare' ship videos, I do make canon ship videos too - as long as I like the ship. I use Sony Vegas 7 to edit my videos - it's a great but complex program. If you're willing to get your hands dirty to learn, I definitely recommend it.

All fandoms can be found listed in the interests.

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