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day three: somewhere between - adam/river - heroes/firefly - fanfiction

Title: somewhere between
Rating: R
Fandom: Heroes/Firefly
Pairing: Adam/River; past mention of Adam/Claire and possible implication of River/Simon
Characters: Adam Munroe/Takezo Kensei, River Tam
Word Count: 911
Spoilers: All of Heroes to date; The River Tam Sessions and possibly Firefly/Serenity.
Summary: she'll make a beautiful new toy for you to break in
Note: Day three of my 25 Fics In 25 Days Challenge. Written for me! Rewatching Firefly made me want to write something for it, and this is what happened. It kinda sucks. Inspired by "Hundred" from The Fray. You can find all of the River Tam Sessions here.
Warnings: implicated sex with a minor, dark themes, insanity.
Translations: "baobei" means sweetheart
Originally Posted: 3rd December, 2007

session 001

You watch her through the surveillance feed with curious eyes. She’s not like the others you collect, you can tell straight away. There’s something in the way she sits, in her smile and her eyes, in the lilting sound of her voice.

She reminds you of a girl that you can’t quite place. But in your mind, you replace dark hair with blonde curls and a ballerina’s litheness with supple curves – and yes, now you remember; she was your companion for almost a century until the virus caught up with her, until she withered away like a graying wisp of wind.

You reach out to the screen as she talks of school and science; and when the doctor prompts her about how she knew her peer was jealous of her skill, you know she’s the one. You can see it written clear on her face – she has power not unlike your own.

She quietly asks, “would I still be allowed to dance?”, the smile lighting up her face with innocence you’d forgotten over a millennia ago, and you smile in your own bitter way; yes, she’ll make a beautiful new toy for you to break in.


You visit her before they take her away. She glances up from her childish drawing as you enter her room, her eyes lighting with interest as she folds her hands on her lap. You call her baobei when you address her and she asks you questions on what she’ll be learning during her time at The Academy that you smoothly reply lies to. And when you turn to leave, she touches your hand and thanks you for your time; for a second you almost feel guilty for what you know is in store for her, but you push it away. You’ve never had patience for the weakness of emotions anyway.

session 022

She’s starting to crumble, that much is plainly clear. She trembles, her fingers stumbling along her arms in an attempt to self-comfort. She begs for freedom, for a way out; and fuck, does it make you grip the edge of your chair to restrain yourself from going in there and taking her whole. You haven’t felt such a complete lack of control in centuries – and for a child no more than fourteen years of all things!

And then she’s pulling the doctor’s dirty little secrets from his mind and yes, this is exactly what you need. You haven’t found a telepath in decades; and you know she’s just what you need to help bring these worlds to their knees. She’s perfect in every way, and she’s yours ripe for the taking – you just have to push a little harder.


She cries for her precious brother in the night as you press her thinning body against your own. You press kisses to her collarbone, and she calls your name – not that which you are known by now, or any of those from the past, but your real name, Adam. It makes you feel weak everytime, and you stop her whispers with your lips until she can’t even remember her own name, let alone yours.

session 165

To some her rambles seem insane, the words of a moonbrained teen – but to you they make perfect sense, although you’re sure you lost your own mind a millennia ago, so maybe that’s why. She paces the room like a caged animal and it reminds you of the short time you were one – centuries ago when you spent a few decades locked in stone walls. It all means nothing now; just a few seconds lost in a day.

She whimpers on about not having a mission, and you coo at the screen as your fingers trace her stickly figure; “don’t worry baobei, it will come.”

She screams, folds into herself; and you let them know she’s done for the day. After all, a princess needs her beauty sleep – especially one that will soon be as busy as she is. The universe will be yours for the taking, and she’ll be at your side.


She doesn’t speak much anymore. She doesn’t cry for her brother. You’ve worn in your toy, and now is the part where you normally get bored, except you don’t think you’ll ever get bored of this one. She lays willing before you, and with a smirk, you swallow her whole.

session 416

This is it, what she’s been waiting for, her induction of sorts. Mathias has told her what she needs to know, and as you watch her sit limply in the metal chair, you’re sure she’s finally ready.

Yes, yes, she’s taking his pen and moving like the ballerina she is. This is it – you’re practically trembling with anticipation, like a pathetic schoolboy; but oh you do so want to see her do well. She’s your masterpiece – it took you eleven hundred years to get it just right but maybe it was worth the wait.

She’s in front of the screen, her blood-tipped fingers leaving dark prints and she rasps “i can see you.” You smirk; yes, yes she can.


And just like that she’s gone – snatched away by her meddlesome brother. You sigh; family always has tended to get in your way. But it’s not all bad, you decide. It’s only a matter of time before your blue-hand operatives retrieve her; and after all, you think with a smile, you have the rest of eternity to wait.
Tags: !fanfiction, *r, - firefly, - heroes, ch: adam munroe, ch: river tam, ship: adam/river
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