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11 December 2007 @ 05:21 pm
day ten: all i need - claire&hrg - heroes - fanfiction  
Title: all i need
Rating: G
Fandom: Heroes
Pairing: n/a
Characters: Claire Bennet, Noah "HRG" Bennet
Word Count: 797
Spoilers: season one.
Summary: All my agony fades away, when you hold me in your embrace (All I Need by Within Temptation) Claire and Noah after the explosion at Kirby Plaza.
Note: Day ten of my 25 Fics In 25 Days Challenge. Written for midnightxgarden, who requested Claire/Noah to the prompt "just hold me tonight".
Warnings: none.
Originally Posted: 11th December, 2007

There’s a bang and a burst of light and just like that they’re gone. Your eyes are wide, your hands gripped tight around your father’s gun. You feel him limp up behind you, his steady warmth burning into your back until you almost feel alive again.

After a long moment you exhale deeply, and his hand digs into your shoulder in a comforting way. There are vague cries for an ambulance behind you, and you dig into your pocket to pull out your phone.

You may not have been able to save Peter, but you can do this.


Hours seem to pass before Officer Parkman and a dark man you learned was called DL are rushed away in ambulances, but in reality it was no more than thirty minutes. Your dad approaches you, arm in a sling, and you can’t help but wish there was something you could do to take away that bit of pain – it just doesn’t seem right that he should have to suffer when it only takes you a moment to heal from such a wound. But he shrugs it off as if he’s had worse, and you suppose he probably has.

He wraps you in his jacket and tells you, “let’s go home,” and you can’t help but snort. Your biological family is dead and you have no clue where your real family is. Your house is gone, your life destroyed – what’s left but the man beside you?

“Home where? Our house burnt down,” you darkly remind him, your fingernails digging into your skin to leave little crescent moon-shapes in their wake.

He smiles lightly, knowingly, “home is anywhere our family is together.”

He’s right, you realize, and a small part of the worry that seemed to weigh you down is lifted. Your dad is here, he’s right beside you, and he’s going to make everything better.

“You’ve got a plan, right?” you murmur, your eyes meeting his hesitantly; and he smiles, nodding ever so slightly. You smile back, because this is your dad and he’s got a plan. Everything you went through these past through months just don’t matter anymore – none of it matters when he’s got your back.

You get to your feet at the same moment he does, and he wraps his good arm around you. You glance up at him and feel nothing but warmth and love and safety, and if there were ever a perfect moment it’s right there, the one moment when you know without a doubt that you’re loved.

“Come on Claire-bear, let’s go get some rest,” he says roughly beside you, and you follow him willingly, hand-in-hand.


He takes you back to the motel room you assume he was meant to share with Officer Parkman and Ted – but now that the latter is dead and the former possibly almost there, it’s just you and him. There’s only one large bed, and that just makes your head ache because you really don’t want to consider what the sleeping arrangement could’ve been like.

He wonders into the bathroom, and a moment later you hear the water running. You sink onto the suspiciously smelling bed and heave a sigh. The adrenaline that built up during the confrontation at Kirby Plaza is starting to wear off and now you just feel tired. You want nothing more than to curl up in this disgusting bed and sleep for a year.

Your dad walks back into the room after a minute, his sling in one hand and his hurt arm folded awkwardly over his chest. You frown and move to his side, helping him down onto the bed. He smiles his thanks and places the sling and his glasses onto the bedside table.

“I called your mother on the way to New York. She’s taken Lyle to California – we’ll drive out there in the morning,” he tells you quietly, and you nod tightly in understanding. He sighs, and you notice how much he seems to have aged these past few days you were away from him. It hurts somehow, to see him so fragile in a way – it doesn’t seem right. You reach out tentatively and pull him into a hug.

“I missed you so much dad,” you whisper into his shoulder, and you can feel him smiling against you; “I missed you too Claire.”

You pull away and lay back onto the bed, pulling him down beside you. He seems somehow surprised, but you don’t pay him any heed, you simply push back gently against him (mindful of his hurt shoulder and the gunshot wound inflicted on him days before of course).

As you close your eyes and slip into sleep, you finally feel that despite everything that’s happened, maybe everything is going to work out alright.
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sugarpuss sourlemon: [H] a/h; more than a friendsparkfading on December 11th, 2007 08:19 pm (UTC)
Aww, thanks. :D